As you may have guessed, BlueMoo is not my real name.  I’ve done that on purpose.  I wanted to create a space here that would be free from any worry about what I say.  It’s not that I have a ton of bad stuff to vent… I just want to be able to tell my story without judgment from people I know.

Life is full of judgment.  We have all experienced it, and we all get sick of it from time to time.  That’s me… sick of it.  I don’t like having to censor my opinions because someone in my family, or in my neighborhood, or at my church may not agree.  I don’t like having to stifle, repress, or otherwise hold back my thoughts because they may not be fluffy and cheerful all the time.  I like being real even if being real means saying that someone in my life hurt me or made me angry.  I also like being real even if it means telling you about the hurt and anger I may have caused for myself.  Yep, truth bombs may explode here.  You’ve been warned.

As for the actual about me kind of stuff you may expect… I’m married.  I’m a mom.  I’m a college graduate.  I homeschool my kids (and I like it!).  I also work part-time outside of the home.  My favorite color is purple (you probably thought blue, huh?).  I play video games to relax.  I read a lot of books.  I think peanut butter and chocolate is the most disgusting combination ever.  And I drink way too much coffee.