Here I Am…

Blogging is nothing new to me.  I’ve done this a million times before.  The problem I always encounter is that I stop blogging for me and start blogging for others.  What I mean is… making money is nice and all, but I’m not in this for money.  I like to blog because I like to write.  I may not be the best writer on earth, but I like to do this.  I like to share my thoughts.  I like to vent about whatever is going on and I like to do it via blogging.

I don’t like worrying about what I say because someone might not want to advertise on my site.

I don’t like worrying about what I say because some family member might read it.  In fact, I don’t want my family reading my blogs anymore.  I love my family… but if I want to get something out, then I just want to do that freely.  I don’t want unsolicited advice or the worry that I may have hurt someone’s feelings.  I just want to blog.

I don’t even like sharing my blog on social media.  You won’t find me on Twitter or Facebook… I’m not interested in that.  I just want to write.  If someone reads it, great.  If not, well, that’s ok.  Sure, I like comments just as much as the next person, but this blog is more therapy for me than anything else… comments aren’t the driving force.

That being said, if you are here… hello.  Thanks for dropping by.  I may actually have something interesting to say again now that I’m not feeling watched, judged, and whatever else I feel like when people I know start reading my thoughts.  And it is so freeing to just write thoughts again without worrying about proper SEO… I don’t really give a hoot about keywords.

I just want to write.

Sometimes I feel lost.  I feel like life is swallowing me up.  Now I can get that out safely… at least as safely as possible on the internet.

I am telling one friend about my blog.  She knows who she is.