The Results!

It may not sound like a lot to people out there reading, but to me it is really great…

I lost 5.5 pounds.

I lost 3.5 inches.  One of those inches was in my hips!

And I dropped an entire percentage point in body fat.

This process is slow and that is so annoying!  BUT… I know that slowly losing is far better than causing harm to myself doing it faster.

I’m very encouraged by my results and can’t wait to see how I do next month.  I’ve set a goal to lose another 5 pounds.  I really think I can do it!

I Need Positive Results

So, tomorrow is my monthly weigh in at work.  No, work doesn’t weigh me for any work purposes… I guess that comes out all wrong.  But we do monthly coaching for all the members of our fitness center and part of the monthly coaching session is weighing and measuring.  Because I’m a member, not just an employee, I get my coaching session too.  I really hope I have some positive results for all the effort I’ve been putting in.  I need positive results.

I workout three times a week and get five days of extra exercise as I work.  To give you an idea of my activity level, my daily steps average between 20,000-22,000 on the days I both workout and work.  On the days that I just work, they average 17,000-18,000.

My activity level is high.  I am also food journaling and watching my intake.  I don’t count calories, but I do strive to make healthier choices and keep my daily food intake at a certain level.  The level is based upon what I know works for my body and also what I have learned through my training as a fitness coach.

I am not a super thin, marathon running, Iron Man competing fitness coach.  Rather, I am a mostly stay-at-home mom, slightly overweight, getting my life and my body back fitness coach.

Basically, I’m the coach women look at and think, “Wow, if she can do it…”

But fitness coach or not, I’m still human.  And I need positive results.  I need to see decreases.  I am so sick of how I feel about myself, and I am working so hard to change things.  I need to have the motivational boost that comes from weight and inches down.

Last month I had no change.  None.  Nada.  Zero.  But I didn’t quit.  And I tell my clients not to quit.  So I’m doing what I coach them to do.  And I need results!